Trading And Consulting Services For International Brands

Achieve market growth STANED is an international consultant company offering a complete range of trading and consulting services for international brands which want to enter the European and Asian market. We especially help IT and Food brands to get in touch with the reliable companies and channel partners in such these areas. We provide a full range of services including product management, channel development consulting, brand strategy, marketing & advertising services, translation & foreign language support, web management & optimisation, public relations and event management.

About Us

STANED are connecting the people! STANED doesn’t stand on ceremony much, in fact we call our clients and partners by their first names, know their spouses and even know them over many years mostly on private base. We work hard for this! We work smart! We laugh . . . a lot We figured out that doing business doesn’t have to be so serious anytime. In fact, a sense of humor, being open to doing business differently and inviting the extraordinary to show up in the strategic process is the only way we know how to work. If that doesn’t sound like the type of people you’d like to work with, that’s OK. Team collaboration is a key element in the success of a company. However many teams cannot produce desirable results because they are not ‘build’ in the right way. At the heart of STANED is a small team of channel development and product management professionals who are talented and passionate. STANED also has an extended network of professionals in Retail, E-tail and distribution channel (like purchasing, sales, marketing), media professionals (former journalists, magazine editors, PR guys and social media enthusiasts) and high value realiable chain of suppliers & manufactures in Europe & Asia (IT, food, nonfood) who work lock-step with us and share our commitment to excellence. STANED will bring the right persons on one table together to reach the most possible success..TOGETHER!

Brand consulting

STANED gives your brand a strategy and channel • STANED sets your organization up to be brand savvy for the long term, weaving it into your culture and the way you do business. • STANED knows to combine branding and channel development. • STANED understands the ways that trends, market forces, and consumer desires affect brands in the markets. • STANED provides intelligent opinions about how new technologies, mergers and acquisitions, or the latest taste sensation might impact a brand and the marketplaces. • STANED map the touchpoints your business has with its key stakeholders and create relevant, unique and compelling customer experiences. • STANED works with your team to make the case for change inside your organization and equip and motivate employees to understand your strategy and actually deliver on it – in a fun and engaging way.

Channel development

STANED gives your customers a taste Channel Development is at the heart of an organisation’s growth and without an effective channel strategy, the results will be obvious. Large corporations invest vast sums of money on building the best possible sales team. High salares and expensive training are the norm. Unfortunately, most international brands do not have the resources available to compete at that level and very often they are forced to choose between hiring junior sales staff with little knowledge and few contacts or academics and administrators who, although understand the industry, have limited experience in the world of trading / sales. In truth, there are very few people that can provide the right mix of industry knowledge and effective sales skills. The STANED consulting team provides just that right blend. Of course, extensive product knowledge is key and we will spend as much time with you as necessary, studying your product and ensuring we have a full understanding of what you have to offer before meeting with new customers. That way you can feel confident we are delivering the right message. However, successful selling requires a lot more than just a working knowledge of your product or service. An understanding of the buying process, what motivates the customer to make a buying decision and how the sales discussion can complement these is vital. STANED consulting team provide just this understanding and with many years of experience in the field, have built up excellent relationships with key buyers enabling us to implement the strategies to both help develop your relationship with customers and increase sales. Give your customers a taste!

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